Bi-weekly Report October 17th — October 30th
5 min readOct 31, 2022

We’re happy to share with you the accomplishments and activities of team from the last two weeks. Apart from holding amazing Twitter Space Calls and releasing new features, our team got richer for one Doctoral Degree and held an amazing Halloween party. Read more below!

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Magic Eden Marketplace integration
  • The Trading of financial rights available
  • Twitter Space Calls with @MessariCrypto and @_Collector___
  • Uroš Šošević (CTO) obtained a PhD
  • Halloween celebration

Read on to find out more!

Magic Eden Integration

On October 20th, our Dev team has successfully integrated the Magic Eden Marketplace into platform.

Before this integration, users were able to buy and sell NFTs together with their club in a peer-to-peer way only. Now they are able to buy NFTs directly from Magic Eden by just clicking on the ‘execute’ button on their proposal.

With this integration, we have delivered all four planned features; the Merging tool and the Buying of Evolution points for UNQ Universe NFTs, the possibility of staking these NFTs on and finally, the integration of Magic Eden marketplace.

If you want to learn how to make the most of this new feature, check out our step-by-step guide.

Trading Financial Rights

In the last two weeks, our team has worked on yet another upgrade of the platform. The trade of financial rights is now available on With this feature, users are able to gain greater financial rights over the club’s treasury by buying shares from other users. They can also sell their share by listing it for sale and setting the desired price.

This allows users to liquidate their assets at any time or engage more in the club’s activities and claim more rights.

To learn how to trade your shares, check out the step-by-step guide on our Academy.

Twitter Space Call with Messari

On Tuesday, October 18th, we had a special episode of our Twitter Space Call Investing with Frens. This time, our guests were members of the Governor team from @MessariCrypto.

We had an interesting conversation about various governance models in DAOs and had the opportunity to learn more about what the Governor team does. We’ve also covered the topics of regulation in crypto and have discussed the future of it.

„As a US citizen, I really would like to see more push from the community to put pressure on the legislators to create safe hard laws and to create a space where people can create and push the limits of finance and governance and human organizations without the fear of being regulated.“

We have definitely learned a lot, and hope so have you. In case you’ve missed the Call, you can check it out on our Youtube channel or on Twitter.

Twitter Space Call with Collector

Last Wednesday, the guests in our weekly Twitter Space Call were our frens from @_Collector___. They’ve shared many interesting thoughts with us, including their perspective on non-fungible tokens and the interconnectivity of chains.

„We’re gonna follow a burn and mint philosophy to transfer the NFTs elsewhere. „So if somebody wants to transfer an NFT from Solana to BNB, they’ll be able to burn the NFT on Solana and remint it on BNB. We’re not gonna rely on bridges.“

The main topic of our call was bridging real-world collectibles and Web3. We’ve truly enjoyed the chat and hope so have you. In case you’ve missed it, you can find it on our Youtube channel or Twitter.

Our CTO Obtained a PhD

Recently, our CTO Uroš Šošević, has obtained a Doctoral Degree from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. After being a teaching assistant at the aforementioned University, pursuing a PhD and deepening his knowledge was a logical next step.

„The concepts that I was researching during my PhD research and the software framework I was designing, are actually the same concepts we are using in the development of and on the Solana blockchain in general. This includes interoperability and interconnectivity, as well as the composability and reusability of existing smart contracts and programs.“

We’re proud to have Uroš on our team and wanted to share his experience with our community. In case you’ve missed out on this great interview, you can find it here and learn more about his academic and professional competencies.

Office Halloween Party

Apart from working hard and integrating new features on, as well as achieving academic accomplishments, our team likes to party!

We’ve held a big Halloween party last Friday and had lots of fun. As Uroš said in his interview „Team is the most important value has“ and our HR team is making sure it stays so. Team buildings are a great part of our company’s culture and we love to have fun together.

It helps us to keep the positive working energy and the attitude that together, only the sky is the limit.

The next report we’ll be sharing with our community will be a November Report as we are switching to creating more in-depth and comprehensive monthly reports.

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