Bi-weekly Report September 5ht — September 18th
5 min readSep 19, 2022

Another two weeks are behind us and we’re bringing you some of the major events that occured. There were many new developments and many great talks.

Here’s a quick recap of all the activities:

  • New tools for UNQ Universe NFT Collection
  • Universe Collection has been certified
  • has been listed on Messari
  • Investing with Frens Twitter Space Call with DeepDAO
  • Interview with Metopia
  • AMA with Grape Protocol

Read on to find out more!

UNQ Universe NFT Tools

UNQ Universe is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that reflect various universe rules. The inspiration came from the Wolfram Physics project and Universe NFTs can evolve over time following a universe rule.

Evolution is therefore a crucial feature of Universe NFTs. It is a process in which an NFT changes its characteristics such as colour, background, or elements. Each NFT can continuously evolve until it reaches Level 1001.

In order to speed up the process of getting to Level 1001, our developers have created two new features — the Merge tool and the purchase of Evolution Points.

Merge Tool

This feature allows users to merge two NFTs they own and reach Level 1001 faster. In the process of merging the two NFTs, the level and unspent evolution points of the two NFT are transferred to the new NFT in form of both Level and unspent Evolution Points.

A great advantage for the users of this tool is that they can merge two NFTs of a different rarity. The greater rarity will be transferred to the new NFT and the NFT of the lower rarity will be destroyed.

Read more about the Merge Tool in the Gitbook.

Purchasing Evolution Points

Up until recently, the users were able to upgrade the level of their NFT only by Solana Epochs or Trades. With the new tool developed, Evolution Points can be purchased using Neutrino, Dark Matter and UNQ tokens.

Once the Evolution Points are acquired, they can be used to evolve a certain Universe NFT to a higher level using the app.

Read more about the Purchase of Evolution Points here.

Metaplex Standard

We have great news here! UNQ Universe NFT collection has been certified and upgraded to follow the Metaplex Standard v1.1.

Certified Collections store all collection-related data on-chain. This enables the following:

  • Easy to identify which collection a certain NFT belongs to without making additional on-chain calls
  • Possible to find all NFTs that belong to a given collection
  • Easy to manage the collection metadata such as its name, description and image

Now a whole collection of NFTs is represented as an NFT itself. It has the same data layout on-chain as any other NFT. This allows the whole collection to be defined as a group.

The Metaplex Standard is a crucial requirement for the usage of the NFT voting plugin. The plugin allows users to create DAOs and Venture Clubs around a certain collection that follows the aforementioned Standard.

This means that users are now able to create an NFT-based club on around the UNQ Universe collection. Read more about’s available governance models here.

Messari Listing

Messari is a provider of crypto market intelligence products that help professionals navigate through crypto/Web3. They are offering transparent, qualitative and quantitative analytics to the industry by combining a global research database with a comprehensive suite of data visualization and asset discovery tools.

Last week, has been listed on their platform under Financial, Asset Management, Fundraise tags. We are happy our platform is being recognized and more users are joining.

Check out the listing here.

Investing with Frens — DeepDAO Twitter Space Call

On Wednesday, September 14th we had a Twitter Space Call with Aman from DeepDAO. The topic of the call was Deep Dive into the State of DAOs. From our end, we had Alex and Martin joining to give their take on DAOs and similar topics

The Call was very interesting and many thoughts were shared. Here’s one from Alex:

For me, DAOs are a very natural thing in a way, because we as humans, we are very social so we need this. And we have a need to have a group around us. With blockchain it’s just a little different, a little simpler and a little bit more experimental as well because you kind of have this pseudonymous environment where you can try to achieve something despite your previous achievements in the real world.

In case you’ve missed the Call, you can find it here.

Interview with Metopia

On September 15th, a new interview with Alex was released on Metopia’s Spotify.

In the Call, Alex shared his opinion on DAO governance models, legal frameworks, investing in equities, IP, real estate and why they have a competitive edge in the market today. He also gave an insight into’s positioning in it all and shared some of his believes:

If you’re an organization, you should have all the tools that are needed for you to function as one. That invloves creating something that is on-chain where everyone has rights, can contribute and execute the decisions.

Check it our at Metopia’s Spotify or read more about it here.

AMA with Grape

Alex participated in an AMA session with Grape Protocol as part of the Dean’s List programme on September 9th. He shared a lot of information about and the upcoming features updates as well as the ideas behind the creation of the platform.

You gradually increase the requirement for the quorum the higher you go on the amounts. Clubs can set up 10 different thresholds so that gives enough flexibility for pretty much any situation. Basically that’s the idea — that you can have everything concentrated in one place and really operate, depending on the circumstances, in the most efficient manner.

Check it out at



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