Bi-weekly Report September 19th — October 2nd
4 min readOct 3, 2022

Two amazing weeks are behind us! We’ve been in Singapore, fixed some bugs, deployed new features, and held more great talks. We’re bringing you some of the major events that occured.

Here’s a quick recap of all the activities:

  • Deployed NFT Staking feature
  • Attended Token 2049 Conference
  • Attended Solana Hacker House Singapore
  • Held two Investing with Frens Twitter Space Calls
  • Participated in a Twitter Space Call

Let’s get into more details!

Staking NFTs on

Since the official mainnet launch back in August 2022, users of our platform were able to stake their UNQ tokens within their clubs and earn great staking rewards.

As of September 20th, a new feature has been unlocked — the staking of UNQ Universe NFTs!

Anyone who holds a level 1001 Universe NFT is able to add it to a staking account and increase the staking reward by 2,5,15,30 per cent for the whole club. The percentage depends on the NFT’s rarity and is not affected by the staking time.

Additionally, we have unlocked the remaining staking periods of 90, 180 and 360 days which allows you to get access to even greater staking returns.

If you want to learn more and earn some rewards, check out our Step-by-step guide and Video tutorial.


Our co-founders have attended the Token2049 Conference and have spread the word about The event took place from September 28th to September 29th in Singapore.

It is a place where founders and executives of the leading Web3 companies gather and share their views on the market and upcoming trends. Our co-founders had the opportunity to meet with some partners and meet new individuals from the Web3 space.

Check out our Twitter account to see how much fun they’ve had!

Solana Hacker House Singapore

After you attend a first Solana Hacker House, it is difficult to stop!

Hacker Houses are a great place for getting inspired, meeting new people, and spreading the word about your project. The Singapore HH was no exemption!

Our co-founders have attended the event on September 24th and 25th and have shared their views with many fellow entrepreneurs and builders from the Web3 world.

They’ve learned a lot, and got some valuable insights into the crypto space.

Stay tuned because team never sleeps!

Investing With Frens Twitter Space Calls

Our Wednesday Twitter Space Call is getting more and more traction and is becoming a thing.

Last week we had a great chat with Ducks DAO about the process of creating an NFT collection. We’ve learned a lot from our frens and hope you did as well. In case you’ve missed the call, you can find it here.

Here’s some thoughts our frens shared:

“The major problem that people have today when they build products is that they usually can’t get the word out. With DAOs and NFT collections, you have thousands of members that are not only interested in the success of the platform, but are willing to spend a little bit of their own free time going through the platform and telling you what what might be misspelled or what doesn’t look great or what they would change about it.”

On September 20th, we had another great Call with @hankobaggins from @Soladex_io.

The topic of our call was „Investing in projects on Solana“. We also discussed some marketing tips and tricks that our community had greatly appreciated:

„One of the big pitfalls I see, coming from #SEO world and web3, a lot of projects are pushing websites without making their content easy for search crawlers to completely understand and review.“

If you want to listen to the Call again, you can find it at this link.

DAOs in Solana Twitter Space Call

Apart from organizing our Twitter Space Calls, we love joining Calls from our partners and friends.

On September 21st, Alex Migitko, our CEO/CPO joined a @shadies_NFT Twitter Space Call on the topic of DAOs and clubs on Solana.

Alex has once again shared many great insights into the DAO world and has spoken about platform. Make sure to check it out here.



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