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Unique.vc is a place for all digital assets enthusiasts who are looking to elevate their investment opportunities. We are happy to present our idea to the world and deliver a platform that will help in the management of your assets and investments.

We were inspired by the recent popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decided to jump on this hype train. Collectibles of all kinds are flooding the digital world. Supply grows fast, demand — probably even faster, and this relatively new direction in crypto is moving forward so quickly, it creates a lot of potential problems, or at least — leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Here are some that we think are important — along with our ideas on how to answer them.

The Value of an NFT — How to determine it?

How do you value an NFT? It’s incredibly difficult, and there are attempts to employ algorithms to determine a fair price. But the price of an NFT, just like the price of any other collectible, is a function of its narrative and social impact. So why don’t we leave that to experts — just like we do in the case of more traditional art? But, who are the experts in this ever growing industry?

There are certain individuals who collect digital (or physical) items, know where to find them, know how to predict the trends, and are generally doing it professionally. We like to call them curators (managers). But, what’s the problem with curators?


Curators in many cases would be collectors, and one of the greatest issues for collectors is that they are not liquid! Imagine there is a collection of 100 artworks of one author, of which you own 95, and you’ve spent pretty much all your money obtaining them. Adding the last five pieces to your collection would increase the overall value of your assets by a lot, but where do you get the money from? Your only asset is your collection, so it’s a dead end.

Connecting individuals who have funds with curators (managers) who have the knowledge is a win-win situation for both parties. Our idea is to provide a safe environment for people to group and pool funds with the goal of collective investment and profit distribution.

We believe each individual of this group could contribute with their area of expertise, time, or funds and allow the group to make greater profit than would be possible if each person operated on their own. Naturally, communities would be created around curators (managers) based on their current investment portfolio. However, we believe there are countless use cases and would like to allow each group to get as creative as they can in the management of their investments.


The next big challenge is more about user experience. There are a great number of NFT marketplaces and tools across a variety of different blockchains, and for an average user, the situation is becoming quite frustrating. What was supposed to be an open, accessible ecosystem, has become a fragmented and complex space to keep up with.

To solve that, we are developing a protocol that will integrate together all the chains and marketplaces within them that have a significant amount of NFTs. The goal is to be able to have a club’s assets anywhere, without a need to transfer NFTs from one chain to another, and provide groups/clubs with a single interface to control, buy and sell them.


And so we come back to the question of value. Naturally, the goal of any collector is to acquire an asset and later on sell it at a greater price. And, as we said before, the price of a collectible item is a function of the narrative and the social impact. Therefore, it would make sense for clubs to promote their assets in order to increase the value — across different mediums.

Naturally, not every promotion is meaningful or even useful, so the curator (manager) would need to approve such activities. We plan to implement tools and mechanisms to incentivize and facilitate it.

Long road ahead

We realize that it’s still very early — not just for us, but for the entire industry. As we develop our product, new challenges will arise, but that only makes it more interesting. We are looking forward to the journey that is ahead of us and are putting our words into action.

Stay tuned and follow our social media for more updates!



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