Weekly Report May 9th — May 15th

Unique.vc has designed an all-in-one fully flexible DAO platform that allows individuals to create and join existing DAOs (Venture Clubs).

As the launch of the official Unique.vc platform is approaching, there’s a lot going on.

Here’s a quick summary of some key updates:

  • Public Beta version of the platform is being tested
  • Major Solana DAO projects joined the testing of our platform
  • Several new DAO features were created
  • An updated Litepaper and FAQ have been published on our website and Discord
  • We attended the Tomorrow conference and organized a Solana event

Read on to find out more about the progress of the Unique.vc platform.

Since the Public Beta of our platform is to be launched soon, our product team focused on Version 1 tasks and features. We have finished the V1 documentation and discussed certain changes that have to be made for the launch of the Public Beta version.

We had several workshops with operations and business development team where we analyzed different use cases to best fit the market’s needs. Unique.vc is all about flexibility and we want to make sure our platform is suitable for all DAO types and members’ profiles.

During the last week, we have successfully onboarded few of the biggest DAOs on Solana for Private Beta testing of our platform. We are looking forward to their feedback this week so we can further prepare the platform for its official launch.

You can check all the information regarding the platform in our updated Litepaper that is now available as part of a new section on our landing page. It also includes the Terms of use, Privacy policy and Disclaimers. Make sure to check them out to inform yourself about all our platform has to offer.

Last week we also organized the Solana — Building Blocks, Wallets, Payments, NFTs and DAOs event together with SolSea, Solflare and Streamflow. We had the opportunity to present the technology supporting these projects and assist the growth of Solana ecosystem in Belgrade.

Unique.vc Event

Until the start of last week, our team had been working hard on developing the Beta version of the platform. The following features were designed and are available in the Beta version:

  • Account settings: create personal account, update personal data
  • Club details: view clubs’ details such as name, description, tags, founder, application status, vault & treasury, list of members, proposals etc.
  • Join a club: browse existing clubs, apply for joining a club, reject an invitation for joining
  • Create a club: create a club, invite members to join — accept/reject member
  • Create proposals: create, vote and execute proposals, create an offer to buy/sell an NFT — cancel/accept the offer
  • Funding: deposit tokens to club’s treasury, calculate members’ ownership & voting powers
Unique.vc platform design preview

We have also developed a custom program for OTC token trading (including NFTs) which allows users to trade with dedicated counterparty.

Our main focus last week was on internal testing and analyzing. While we are waiting for the audit report which is due this week, we are working on incorporating new features in parallel with Beta testing from our partners.

In the Version 1, we plan to complete the whole process within the club — from joining to exiting, from investing to withdrawing, etc. Stay tuned because there’s more to come!

As part of our Team building, we attended the Tomorrow conference — Europe’s biggest NFT/crypto/Metaverse event held in Belgrade. We were able to meet fellow colleagues and network as well as learn more about the new projects emerging in this industry.

Apart from learning about the industry, we learned how to prepare several international dishes thanks to Belgrade Kitchen Party and had a lot of fun.

We are looking forward to the official launch of our platform and have already started preparing for the celebration.

Follow our social media to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.




Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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Unique Venture Clubs

Unique Venture Clubs

Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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