Update, December 13: NFTs listing and IDO

As you may have noticed, we are gradually making as much of the process surrounding what we are doing, including any necessary changes, and challenges we’ve faced, and make it all as easy for the public to understand as possible. Thus, today we wanted to explain some of our next steps regarding our truly UNQ Universe evolving NFTs.

The original plan was to list on FTX.US for the first 24 hours, then proceed with Magic Eden, Solsea, and Solanart. We have notified FTX.US that we are ready to list but unfortunately, that happened over the weekend, so that took extra time. However, the FTX.US team was extremely supportive and has agreed to provide some extra promotions.

Listing on FTX.US goes live at 8 pm UTC today, December 13, and Magic Eden, Solanart, and Solsea — at 8 pm UTC on December 14.

The next phase, which everyone is looking forward to, is the airdrop of an additional 5,000 NFTs. You have nothing to fret about because the snapshot was taken soon after the first 5,000 were sold out. This same snapshot will be used to choose the lottery winners who will receive whitelist slots for our upcoming IDO!

However, we have chosen not to airdrop them immediately, but rather on December 23, for the following reasons.

As you may be aware, we are hosting the IDO on December 22nd and have listed our token, UNQ, on the Gate.io and MEXC exchanges. We will also be running a number of promotional activities around that time, in collaboration with our IDO and CEX partners. That will provide exposure to everything we are doing, and it will be significant exposure. So we want to use that boost to generate more interest in NFTs and create more demand — which, at the end of the day, is what any collection requires. So we aim to build demand BEFORE increasing circulating supply, and we believe that approach will be most beneficial to people who hold our NFTs.

We’re also still working on the Evolution interface, which is coming along wonderfully. We don’t want to give a precise date and time of release because it is quite innovative and requires extensive testing, but we will keep you updated, publishing screenshots, and so on.

We will also keep you updated on additional developments, such as Club private beta, partnerships and collaborations with other projects and communities, and other exciting initiatives.





Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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Unique Venture Clubs

Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.