Update and road ahead

Hi everyone.

It’s been quite some time since we have last published something, but not because we have abandoned the project, quite the opposite — we’ve been working hard to find our place in the industry and the ecosystem in general.

After several months of extensive customer development, we have realized that it is not that easy to convince people that infrastructure projects for the NFT market are actually needed — maybe we are too early. But that doesn’t mean we are dead wrong.

What we decided to do is to put together all the knowledge we have accumulated over the last six months when it comes to the NFT market in general, NFT collections, GameFi, and many other related areas, and extend the project scope to cover it all. It may sound ambitious — because it is — but we are committed to making it work out smartly.

So, let’s start our journey.

Disclaimer — it’s still a work in progress, and might change as we proceed.

Stage 0 — UNQ

That’s where it all started, and that’s what is at the core of our vision — building a platform for NFT collectors. It all revolves around the idea that people should collaborate, create value together, and navigate the waters of this insanely dynamic market. After all, we are social creatures, and we are always better off as a community. But to function efficiently, we need tools, and that’s what humanity has been obsessed with throughout its history. After all, what is governance if not a tool to operate better as a society?

Philosophy aside, we strongly believe that collecting is extremely time-consuming, requires a lot of knowledge and dedication, but also — money. A very rare person would have everything, that’s why our goal is to help people collaborate and be most efficient in the market — while some people can bring in additional funds, others can actually scout for the best deals, and some people can help promote collections and artists. Everyone benefits, at the end of the day.

If you want to read more about it — check our previous posts (intro, club explanation), and we will move on to the next stage.

Stage 1 — NFTs.

It all started with NFTs, and it inevitably gets back to NFTs. One of the things we have realized is that it’s hard to get the collector’s attention if you don’t have an NFT, and, well, we have decided to create some. But not just any NFT would do, it has to be nice and interesting, and, ideally, unique. But also with good secondary market potential. And utility.

Not an easy task, but it seems like we have a solution. We call it UNQ Universe NFTs. We are not artists, we are geeks, and who is actually better at creating beautiful things than the universe itself? So we’ve been looking around for some interesting material for the NFTs and found it in Wolfram Physics. We really recommend everyone to go and check it out, but sort of TL;DR would be — that is a theory that is claimed to be a potential “theory of everything”, which is a super big thing in physics since it is supposed to explain, well, everything — every law of the universe.

It sounds pretty simple and elegant — certain rules describe the transformation. When applied multiple times they can produce everything in the universe — laws of physics, objects, etc. And it looks insanely good. And sounds complex, but we are actually adding a new member to the team who is a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, so we have this part covered.

Here is an example of the evolution of a single rule

And here are some examples of what you can get out of a rule

Obviously, we fell in love with it and started thinking of how to turn the entire beauty of it into an NFT. The result can be described very simply.

Own a piece of the ever-evolving Universe.

When you mint an NFT, you get just the rule. A dot on the canvas. Something before the Big Bang. But then it starts to evolve — either through time (once every epoch on Solana, which is approximately 48 hours) or on every trade at a price higher than the previous one. That incentivizes the secondary market, which is an obvious benefit. The other important thing is that there’s going to be a fee on secondary market trades, where some part will go to support the project, part — to the original minter, and part — to the foundation/charity working on education programs.

Some NFTs will also be given away in marketing activities — including, of course, the community.

Importantly — there will be a set of rules and rarity levels (we are eyeing 50 rules total) but because of the upgrade by a random number quite soon even the same rule-based NFTs will not look the same. Those would be 2D and potentially 3D versions for those that are sufficiently evolved. But essentially, it’s not just a generative art anymore — it’s progressive art created by the Universe itself. You can choose any stage to be the main picture of your NFT (from the ones in went through) but anyone will also see the current stage and the actual evolution level.

We also want to make minting fair and available for everyone, so the mechanics of it will be a bit more complex than usual. Once we announce the mint and open up the website anyone will be able to go there and connect a wallet. We will be checking wallet balances at every epoch and give you tickets for different tokens, for example, 1 ticket per 1 SOL you hold, 1 ticket per 10 RAY, and so on. Tickets are basically tokens, meaning they are tradable. Once the preparation period is done we will start distributing keys. The more tickets you have — to more chances to get the key, but only 1 key per address. So, whales will have bigger chances to get a key (which they will no matter what system you come up with) but also everyone else will have a chance. Keys are NFTs and can be traded, there is a total of 10000 keys. And once we are ready — we will open the mint for 3 days. During that period you can use the key plus some SOL to mint the actual UNQ Universe NFT.

Now, with an active market, some budget for further development, and more connections, we can move on.

Stage 2 — UNQ.Club

Not much to say here — everything is exactly as we planned. Just with much more firepower. And an important twist — UNQ Universe NFTs will actually provide clubs with more benefits. For example, having that NFT in your club’s vault will increase the amount of UNQ tokens you get every day.

But what we have all noticed in the last months is that games are probably the biggest part of the NFT space. One of the things we will be thus introducing is a special offer for games since our clubs can essentially act as guilds. Come together, make yourself a DAO, own game assets together, and have your own social token to improve collaboration within the guild. Fascinating as it is, we will be also introducing a gamification layer for the UNQ, and it goes way beyond what one would expect. Again, that might sound bold, but we do have some significant experience in game development, so… Here we go.

Stage 3 — UNQ.World

Instead of boring interfaces — a real world. Instead of hoarding NFTs — a utility for each of them. Sounds good? That’s exactly what we are aiming for.

UNQ.World is built on top of UNQ.Club platform. Now you can have factions — sort of alliances, that can pick their targets, let’s say, New York. Now members of the faction can go and start doing what they would otherwise do on UNQ.Club — put their money in (just using the bank instead of the button) and clubs can deposit their NFTs, and that’s where it gets spicy. Every NFT gives the city certain points — Culture, Science, Military, Social, Entertainment, Commercial. Those are defined by the type of the NFT, for example, artworks give Culture, while game NFTs (like Axies) would give Military. The number of points depends on the number of factors, but mostly — the price of that NFT (taken from the chain data).

The next step would be for those cities to attract more community members by establishing grant programs. People will be able to create and link content related to the city, or the assets in the city (NFTs). That will boost scores even further, and people creating the content can get paid by the city budget for their contribution — if approved by the city council, of course. And that is the form of play-to-earn that, we believe, is more sustainable, because it is about interaction with existing NFTs, existing world. So it’s us building on top of the NFT market, rather than adding more entropy.

Important note — you don’t need to physically be in the city to do something, but it might provide certain benefits.

Depending on the score balance of the city, different NFTs can be dropped — some created by us, some — by our partners. A very engaging way to interact with them, and our take on the NFT-based marketing.

Finally, other factions can try and attack the city to take it over and get a piece of the development efforts put but the original owners, and that’s where the military power will mean a lot.

UNQ Universe NFTs will play their role here as well providing a great bonus to the city’s Science points, which affect NFT drop chance.


That is our road ahead. A lot to be done, but we are pretty confident in every part, because, even if it sounds complex, for each particular stage we have found a solution that can make it a reasonable effort with great results.




Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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Unique Venture Clubs

Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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