New Partnership with Grape Protocol

The NFT space is getting more and more traction, more people are getting involved, and what’s special about it is that we can see it becoming a connecting point between the crypto and traditional world. A lot of people are getting introduced to crypto via NFTs — art, collectibles, and games. At the same time, people who have started by collecting NFTs gradually transition into collecting physical items, and that’s something that really excites us. is partnering with Grape Protocol, and there are multiple dimensions of our partnership. So without further ado, let’s get to the point.

Discord channels

First of all, will be integrating the GRAPE Protocol to give clubs and curators (managers) more opportunities to manage their communities. The integration will allow clubs, for example, to limit access to certain channels on their Discord servers based on the club tokens held by a user.

AMAs with Grape Protocol

Secondly, and Grape will engage in creating a series of educational podcasts hosted on Grape Discord server. We firmly believe that NFTs can be that bridge between crypto and non-crypto worlds. We will be discussing different aspects of the industry with different guests — art dealers, NFT collectors, tech entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make that content educational first, but also entertaining.

Grape Venture Club

Lastly, Grape team members will have an opportunity to be among the first ones to test our platform and open a Venture Club. It will be managed by the members of the Grape team who have great knowledge and expertise in the area.

We are looking forward to this collaboration and are excited for the many projects we will create with Grape!



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