UNQ.club Recap

In this article you will find a summary of our progress from day one till now and also our future plans and needs.


Everything started in January this year when the co-founder & CEO of UNQ.club Alex Migitko was exploring the NFT market. After detailed research he found out the NFT space has great potential for growth, but also he spotted a few main problems that must be fixed as soon as possible before the market collapse.

One of those was the lack of demand (buying volume), because everyone seems to be focused on creating content (supply) — numerous marketplaces, one-click minting tools, drops, and so on.

So as all experienced traders know, when you have a big supply, but you don’t have a demand for that supply, the market is simply going down.

He decided to create a platform that is focused only on the demand side and provides all of the needed tools to NFT collectors to expand their collections through DeFi mechanisms, and build stronger communities which will be DAOs. The core of the platform is running on Solana, and the platform will introduce a new technology called “mission control” that will allow NFTs from any blockchain to be used on the Solana chain without the need of burning, wrapping or minting.

Progress Highlights

  1. UNQ was among the winners of the Solana Season Hackathon (3rd place) — $10 000 prize.
  2. We’ve partnered with All-Art Protocol which will provide more tools for the NFT collectors. More details about or partnership here https://unq.medium.com/unq-club-all-art-eabfcfc7f0e5
  3. We’ve partnered with Grape Protocol which will help Clubs to manage their communities. More details about or partnership here https://unq.medium.com/grape-unq-club-90baf8caece7
  4. We’ve built our MVP that always can be tested on our website www.unq.club
  5. The first version of the “Mission control” has been created
  6. SOL staking pool has been integrated to UNQ’s platform. You can check that out on our website as well.
  7. We’ve participated in a Demo Day hosted by Sino Global Capital and ParaFi Capital. You can watch the demo here — https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1100686219
  8. We’ve reached 1000+ followers on Twitter — https://twitter.com/ClubUnq
  9. We’ve open our Discord channel — https://discord.com/invite/hbuDW9WmnW
  10. We have applied for another Grant from Solana.
  11. We’ve onboarded a new UX/UI Designer who is also an NFT artist so we can bring our platform to the next level. — TBA

What is next ? — short term goals

  1. We are working on the architecture for the club platform.
  2. We are aiming to integrate more staking pools and other DeFi protocols
  3. We are working on the lightpaper, especially platform economy
  4. We have plans to redesign our logo, website, and platform
  5. We will focus more on branding and community building
  6. We are going open our fundraise — Seed and Strategic
  7. We are going to expand our team

We are looking for

  1. NFT Collectors/Curators
  2. Advisors
  3. Real world Galleries, Museums, Art collectors and dealers
  4. Virtual Galleries
  5. NFT DAOs/NFT Vaults
  6. DeFi partners
  7. Other NFT related projects

If you have any suggestions or want to partner with us don’t hesitate and send your message.

More updates will be coming on monthly basis. Stay tuned!
Feel free to like, share and comment.


UNQ.Club — a platform for NFT collectors designed to help them build communities, fundraise and operate across different blockchains and protocols.

Website — https://unq.club/#/

Discord — https://discord.gg/hbuDW9WmnW

Twitter — https://twitter.com/ClubUnq

Telegram — https://t.me/unq_community




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