Unique.vc Partners with All-art

All-Art is a project created by professionals in the art collecting space — people with incredible experience and existing partnerships with a number of museums and galleries all around the world. They’ve been creating VR exhibitions for years now, and have been researching the potential of blockchain technologies since 2017. We are happy to announce our partnership!

By launching an infrastructure that enables better standards, proper ownership rights management, and improved liquidity for NFTs, All-art aims to empower creators, users, collectors, and investors to generate, utilize and trade new generations of NFTs.

Blockchain and Crypto

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies hold the key to disrupting global societies, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will be the critical infrastructure in marrying analogue and digital realities. This transformation will become a reality when a wide range of industries can rely on improved NFT standards and protocols with embedded license rights, extended metadata per industry vertical, and a new liquidity protocol.

Bridging the gap

NFTs as “certificates of authenticity” enable true digital ownership and cross-world asset utility. Bridging the gap between digital and real is the core mission of the ALL.ART Protocol. As a new mass participatory medium, NFTs serve as the gateway for onboarding billions of users into new digital worlds. All-art’s mission is to enable metaverse builders equipped with NFTs to fundraise their next endeavors. As open metaverses continue to evolve, NFT owners will gain a greater appreciation for the programmable nature of the digital medium that allows dynamic use cases within the virtual and real world.

Unique.vc & All-art

And that, of course, is something of great interest to us. Our main goal is to help people make collecting their full-time job, and that requires diversified revenue streams. So, we will integrate All-Art protocol so that clubs after purchasing an NFT could convert it into an NFTPro format and monetize all those licenses, thus creating an additional revenue stream for the club.

Our mission is to make it all happen in an all-in-one unique platform!



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