Unique.vc developed a custom investment platform for MonkeVentures

3 min readNov 7, 2022


We are proud to announce our partnership with MonkeVentures. Our team has created a custom platform for the Monkes and has showcased it for the first time at Lisbon Solana Hacker House last week.

Unique.vc x MonkeVentures

MonkeVentures is an investment arm of MonkeDAO that backs promising early-stage Web3 projects with the community-driven support of Solana Monkey Business NFT holders. Unique.vc has created a custom platform to help them run their investment syndicate on-chain, in a more efficient and transparent manner.

Using Unique.vc technology, the Monkes will be able to raise funds, vote on proposals, and execute investment decisions on their very own platform, all on-chain!

On a more detailed level, our custom solution will enable the Monkes to:

  • Create an on-chain club and collectively invest in projects
  • Assign different roles and voting power to members
  • Vote on investment proposals
  • Raise funds and obtain proportionate ownership rights
  • Send funds directly to the project they want to invest in
  • Trade club shares at any moment, achieving instant liquidity of their investment
  • Automatically withdraw funds and distribute project tokes based on the ownership shares

These customized features will allow the Monkes to manage and monitor all their investment activities from a single platform.

Lisbon Hacker House

This unique platform has been announced and showcased for the first time to the public on the main stage of Solana Hacker House in Lisbon. Our CEO Alex, together with MonkeDAO’s co-founder Jemmy, presented the way MonkeVenture’s new investment flow will work, with the help of Unique.vc.

For those of you who weren’t present, this is what happened.

After finding an interesting project to invest in, Jemmy created a venture club on the Monke’s custom platform.

He then invited Solana Monkey Business NFT holders to join the club and vote on the investment proposal. After the club agreed to invest in the project, Jemmy created a syndicate and members deposited their funds.

When the fundraising cap was met, the club transferred the funds to the project directly from the platform. At the end, each member was able to claim their share of the project tokens.

Check out the full presentation video on our Youtube channel.

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