Unique.vc: The Future of Web3 Investing and Fundraising is Here!

6 min readMar 24, 2023


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From the outset, our mission has been to provide cutting-edge infrastructure powered by blockchain technology to empower web3 startups and investors. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a fully revamped platform that bridges the gap between traditional investment structures and web3.

We have expanded our services to meet the needs of a range of web3 investors and founders, including angel investors, syndicate investors seeking to pool their funds through collective investing, and founders looking for efficient sources of financing.

Our platform enables them to manage their assets entirely on-chain, ensuring maximum security and transparency.

To create the ultimate solution, we started with the following premises:

Early-stage investing and pooling investment funds through syndicates or venture capital are risky and based on mutual trust.

Startup founders need easier access to capital, and they must prove their credibility to prospective investors in the early stages of startup development.

Tax, compliance, administration, and regulatory matters are complicated and often unpredictable.

The final result is a comprehensive platform that provides all the necessary means for founders seeking funding sources on the one hand and venture funds, investment syndicates, and individual angel investors on the other. All of them now have the possibility to invest, raise capital and manage funds in a safe, trustless, and transparent way.

Enter the New Era of Angel Investing

Once angel investors create their profile and register, they gain access to a wealth of potential investments through invitations from startups. When a deal is signed, investors can transfer funds instantly, making the investment process quick and hassle-free.

For those who seek to diversify their portfolio even further, Unique.vc offers several options. Investors can join syndicates or become limited partners in venture funds, allowing them to spread their investments across multiple deals.

Managing investments is easy with Unique.vc’s intuitive dashboard. From this single interface, investors can monitor their portfolio, track transactions, and control how startups use their funds at every phase of their progress.

If the startup fails to meet its milestones, investors can withdraw their remaining assets. For those who want to exit an investment earlier, Unique.vc offers the option to trade shares with other investors and liquidate their portion of the investment.

The Next Generation of Syndicate Investing

Anyone interested in co-investing in startups has the option to join investment syndicates on Unique.vc to further diversify their portfolio.

Each syndicate member, just as in the real world deals, has voting power in deciding whether or not to execute investment proposals offered by the syndicate lead. Thanks to smart contracts, investment proposals, and fund transfers are executed only if determined conditions are met, that is, if all syndicate members have voted to proceed to the investment execution.

On-Chain Governance for Syndicate Leaders

The platform provides all the tools necessary for lead investors to start and run their syndicates. They receive full support when it comes to regulatory and administrative procedures, such as registering a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) as a legal entity and meeting tax requirements.

The dashboard gives lead investors absolute control over the entire process, including:

  • Sending invitations to join the syndicate.
  • Coordinating syndicate members and assigning different roles and voting credentials.
  • Controlling all deposits (minimum and maximum allocation sizes) for each syndicate investor.
  • Defining carry fees.
  • Automated capital deployment and distribution of all returns to syndicate members.
  • Distribution of tokens and equity shares.
  • Optional setup of KYC and AML procedures prior to joining the syndicate.
  • Optional setup of NFT, token, Discord whitelist, or other proof-of-ownership requirements for joining a syndicate.

Since the infrastructure is built on the Solana blockchain, the process of raising and transferring funds takes only seconds. And last but not least, Unique.vc on-chain syndicates can be tailored to lead investors’ specific needs or goals.

Blockchain-Powered Venture Capital Funds

One of the fantastic advantages of the Unique.vc platform is the option to become a limited partner within a Venture Fund. Established VC Funds invite registered users who can take advantage of Deal Flow links provided by VC Fund managers.

The usage of funds committed by limited partners is transparent, and returns can be automated. Limited partners can choose to participate in decision-making or rely on passive income, by putting their assets to work and allowing the VC Fund to generate profit for them.

Start Your Own Web3 Venture Fund

Similar to investment syndicates, Unique.vc users can set up their own venture fund and structure it according to their investment thesis or type of deals.

One advanced dashboard provides all the features a successful fund manager needs, from inviting limited partners to join and commit initial funds, to organizing funding rounds and distributing returns or equity.

It’s important to note that the Fund’s deal flow is private, visible only to Fund members. Like other use cases, the platform allows full control of all processes and transparency of all data.

Empowering Startup Success

Our platform provides everything startup founders need to turn their ideas into reality and secure the funding they require. Creating an account as a founder gives you access to a range of features, including:

  • Quickly inviting angel investors, syndicates, and VC funds with just a few clicks.
  • Easily managing your assets and equity with our automated cap table.
  • Keeping all your supporter and deposit data in a secure and centralized location.

What Makes Our Platform Unique?

Unlike other similar platforms, Unique.vc runs all processes, tools, and features entirely on-chain. This means that everything is completely decentralized, giving users complete control over their assets and investment management.

Last but not least, you can also request a custom structure that fits the specific needs of your investment syndicate or VC fund, and we will make it work according to your vision.

The Wrap Up

In summary, as a web3 investor or founder on our platform, you can enjoy unique benefits, including:

  • A fully decentralized solution for angels, collective investors, and startups
  • Integrated governance, asset management, and compliance tools under a single dashboard
  • The option to set up NFT, token, Discord whitelist, or other proof-of-ownership gating requirements for co-investors
  • Tax, regulatory, and legal entity formation services through partner integrations
  • Milestone-based investing: Control how funds are being spent during every phase of the investment
  • Advanced security of assets thanks to the Unique Delegation Manager feature
  • Access to all transactions and shares distribution in real-time, whenever needed
  • On-chain, voting-based decision making; assign different levels of roles and voting powers
  • The option to trade investment shares with other investors within a deal
  • Near-instantaneous fund transfer with no third-party involvement
  • Cross-chain functionality: Supports Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon-based tokens

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming days. Join the ultimate web3 platform for investors and founders today!




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