Unique Inter-Network Compatibility, Powered by Wormhole

3 min readMay 9, 2023


The article has been originally published on Unique.vc Learning Center.

At Unique.vc, our primary goal is to provide a sophisticated, comprehensive on-chain platform that enables investors and startups to achieve their goals with maximum efficiency. Since the platform is Web3-based, these processes need to be as secure, transparent, and seamless as possible. That’s why we’ve built our app on Solana infrastructure, as it allows near-instant and extremely cost-effective transactions. However, we needed to come up with a way to enable cross-chain functionality and compatibility with different networks — that’s where Wormhole comes in.

As a matchmaking service between startups looking for backing opportunities on one hand, and angels, syndicates, and VCs on the other — the component that we needed is an inter-network operability. In other words, that component should allow compatibility between different blockchain environments.

The solution was to utilize Wormhole’s messaging protocol. Wormhole enables the exchange of arbitrary data between blockchains, including tokens, NFTs, governance decisions, and much more. With this integration, our users can send instructions for transactions to be executed on another blockchain with a high level of security and speed.

But how? To ensure optimal functionality and ease of use, all proposal voting and execution on our platform remains on the Solana blockchain. In cases where collective investors or startups have an EVM treasury for example, Wormhole allows them to relay the message about the specific action from one chain to another. Then, Unique.vc’s relayer captures the message that was emitted on that chain and relays it to the native chain on Solana.

The communication can go both ways, emitting messages from Solana to EVM and vice versa. All in all, the implementation of the Wormhole protocol provides a robust and secure solution for inter-network transactions on our platform.

Consequently, although Unique.vc platform is built on Solana infrastructure, it allows you to back startups and collect funds not only in Solana-based tokens, but also in all Ethereum and Polygon-based tokens. Unique.vc users can easily distribute all these types of assets easily from the treasury to designated addresses.

This flexibility allows investors on our platform to diversify their portfolios across projects from numerous blockchain ecosystems. On the other hand, startups can use the platform to receive financing and distribute tokens even if their product or service is not built on the Solana network.

The best part is that Unique.vc users can manage their treasuries on multiple chains from a single place — their Solana-based organization on our platform. Practical, isn’t it?

Thanks to the implementation of Wormhole’s core messaging layer, our users can stay confident that their funds are always where they want them to be. Register as an investor or startup founder on Unique.vc and take control of all your organization’s assets in one place, no matter where they are.




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