The Promise of a Decentralized Future
4 min readJun 2, 2022

Being an entrepreneur and running a company is becoming a more agile and profitable endeavor nowadays thanks to blockchain native DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Collective governance setups are now allowing creators, owners, investors and collectors to pool funds together and invest with speed and accessibility never seen before.

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a businessman taking its first steps towards success, digital investment venture clubs are bound to elevate your investment journey to the quantum pace.

The Gateway to Digital Assets

Can you imagine a company being established in a couple of days and starting investing immediately? A venture club where you can gather the best human resource and people can contribute remotely with knowledge and funds, having great flexibility in investing in digital assets? In the last couple of years we have seen a global transformation of how people work together. We are now witnessing a profound shift in collective investing. Individuals from all over the world can gather and start a company in a matter of days thanks to on-chain DAOs that offer members a unique platform for flexible asset and wealth management. Platforms like Unique Venture Clubs are providing all the necessary tools for the modern investment journey. All you need is a vision and a purpose.

DAOs are providing users a decentralized, collective, fast and low-fee alternative to the otherwise costly, time-consuming and lonely process of investing. Blockchain powered venture clubs can be established for investing in digital assets (cryptocurrency, NFTs), in the form of gaming guilds — where members can purchase and manage in-game assets, or for various other purposes. All members can easily manage and contribute to the club through a user-friendly dashboard that allows full control over the treasury and vault. Associates can have equal rights or various roles within the company, ensuring a customizable and smooth governance process. Being built on the blockchain, a venture club’s premise is full transparency, accessibility, fairness, and certainty.

Context and Background

With increased efficiency and better risk management already signaling cost savings, DAOs are being embraced in more and more fields like gaming, HR, finance and culture, to name just a few. The flexible operational model is here to stay and it is being backed by industry heavy-weights like Chamath Palihapitiya and Peter Thyel who have their hands deep into supporting and investing in several promising DAOs.

In the words of Mark Cuban, it leaves even less room for doubt: “Entrepreneurs that enable DAOs can make money. If the community excels at governance, everyone shares in the upside.” Billionaire investor further adds that “DAOs won’t be a fit for every type of venture…”, but he says a decentralized approach could bring significant improvement to any organization. Other voices in the tech realm envision the next big social media company could be built as a DAO rather than just being an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

A new internet-native trusted environment is now possible. Blockchain supported DAOs can become the underlying fabric that holds together operations, transparency, community and everything in between.

Digital venture clubs offer an alternative to legacy business that is more agile and is being driven by collaborative processes and algorithms rather than boards of directors. The open source governance protocols are shaping up as a strong alternative for most companies. Human error and misjudgement will thus be kept out of the chain of command with the use of blockchain technology as the fundament of trust. The beauty of it is that large enterprises and independent individuals can both profit. Artists and creators can use on-chain investment as a smart way to monetize their output.

2022 — The Year of DAOs

With a strong wind of change in its sails already, the power of blockchain is heralding a shift in how organizations and entrepreneurs strive for scaling in an ever changing business and financial environment. With decentralized autonomous organizations already running a good amount of crypto, smart contracts have proved essential in building the autonomous future so many are hoping for. Flexible and low fees platforms such as Unique Venture Clubs are pushing forward a new collective investment system that is becoming hard to ignore. Joining or creating a Web3 club can now be achieved without any coding knowledge. With a wide range of tools easily accessible, social investment clubs can be used for any purpose and goal the users are interested in pursuing.

Unique Venture Clubs offer the possibility for each investment club to be unique by design, as club owners are free to set the internal governance, policy and profit distribution mechanism.

Also, the recently established dApp can accommodate both a private, invite-only community, or a public and open club where like minded investors are free to join and contribute. Providing powerful tools for wealth management, the platform created by Unique Venture Clubs is a fast and secure gateway for all digital modern investors. There has never been a better and easier way to collectively invest and manage assets on a global, decentralized scale.

Algorithms worldwide are continuously being fine-tuned and DAOs are increasingly becoming more efficient. Traditional forms of management will have a hard time keeping up and will fall short against the better organized companies relying on blockchain to carry them to new heights and new strengths. DAOs have the potential to change how corporate governance works and transform institutional decision making for the better. This technology is already here for everybody who strives towards an innovative, decentralized and collaborative future.



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