The Evolution of

Every project starts with a good idea, a few people and a great passion for bringing innovation to the existing systems. This is how was born as well!

The very beginning

It all started in January of this year when Alex Migitko, the co-founder & CEO of was exploring the NFT market. After detailed research he figured that the NFT space has a great potential for growth, but he also identified a few crucial details that needed to be fixed as soon as possible before the market collapsed.

One of the problems he identified was the lack of demand (buying volume) for the NFTs. Everyone seemed to be focused on the supply side — creating content, interesting pieces of art and collectibles. There were numerous marketplaces, one-click minting tools, drops, and so on.

Following the basic rules of supply and demand, it was clear that having an excess on the supply side would cause a lack of demand and the price drop. In an underdeveloped market, such as the one of the NFTs at that time, that would cause the market to simply go down.

Alex has then come up with an idea to create a platform that would be focused on the demand side only and provide all the necessary tools for NFT collectors to expand their collections — DeFi mechanisms, stronger communities gathered within DAOs, governance configurations and voting rights. The core of the platform was to be built on top of Solana blockchain due to its affordable transaction costs and high transaction speed. The idea was that the platform would also enable cross-chain interactions without the need of burning, wrapping or minting.

Progress highlights

Ever since we’ve put our ideas on a piece of paper and came up with a plan, we have been working non-stop on further developing our project.

Since January, a lot of things have happened and we are happy to share the progress with our community. First of all, was among the winners of the Solana Season Hackathon where we had an opportunity to present our idea and get to know other successful projects in the Web3 world. We won 3rd place and a prize worth $10 000. We have then partnered with All-Art and Grape Protocol in order to help monetize the digital assets and allow a better management of our community. We have also opened a Discord channel and reached 1000+ followers on Twitter! How amazing is that?!

To help us work on the platform, we have onboarded new UX/UI designers with experience in NFT art. Furthermore, we have applied for another grant from Solana and participated in a Demo Day hosted by Sino Global Capital and ParaFi Capital. It is exciting to see our team expand so fast and connect with so many successful entrepreneurs from the Web3 world!

What are the next steps?

Our new designers are already working on creating a new logo, website and platform UX/UI. We can’t wait to show them to you!

Furthermore, the development team is working on the platform’s architecture. Our idea is quite innovative and requires support from Solana Labs engineers as well. New staking pools and DeFi protocols are being integrated and we are looking for the best option to ensure user friendliness and efficiency.

And lastly, we plan to engage more in marketing activities and community building so we can spread the word and get some feedback from the potential users.

We are looking forward to seeing the further development of our idea!

Follow our social media to keep up to date with the latest updates.

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Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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Unique Venture Clubs

Unique Venture Clubs

Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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