New Collaborations and Partnerships
2 min readJan 19, 2022


In order to help our project grow and further develop, we are working on partnering with influential individuals and groups in the industry. We are excited to announce our new collaborations!

$3 million raised

We have raised $3 million in private funding from SkyVision Capital, NGC,Moonrock Capital, TPS Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Solana Ventures, WalshWealth Ventures,,MEXC, Chain Capital, Titans Ventures, Basics Capital, ZBS, Solar Eco Fund, Kernel Ventures, Jump Capital, GSR, Solanium Ventures, Chainguardians, AU21, Everse Capital, CryptoJ, Big Brain Holdings, Banter Capital, R2 Capital, Bitcoin Guru, Capital S, Kirin Fund, DWeb3 Capital, Moonedge, Waterdrip, FBG, Skynet, Sesterce Capital as well as several Angel investors and influencers. We are happy to share this news with you! is a platform for digital assets investors who are looking to expand their investment portfolios by building a community and pooling funds. Our platform is built on top of the Solana network, and our team is one of the winners of Solana Season Hackathon. We are in collaboration with Solana Labs engineers and are looking forward to seeing what new features we can develop together.

At, we believe creating on-chain venture clubs and building a community is a way to elevate your investments. Our platform will offer a unique social token, treasury and vault, that could help digital assets investors to raise funds through the community — from stacking via DeFi protocol integration and direct crowdfunding to legal organizations that acquire and tokenize physical items. Moreover, we also support buying and selling NFTs across multiple blockchain protocols with a single easy-to-use interface. We believe that the ownership-focused Venture Clubs can pave the way to the future of digital assets, and are excited to collaborate on this with partners from across the ecosystem.

Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come!

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