Monthly Report November 2022
7 min readDec 1, 2022

November has been an exciting month for team! We attended two major Solana events and had an opportunity to get first-hand insights into the ecosystem’s advancements. Apart from that, our team built a custom investment platform for Monke Ventures and released an update that made platform even more user-friendly.

So without further ado, let’s get into the details!

Solana Hacker House

November has definitely been a month dedicated to the Solana community!

As part of it, our team participated at the Hacker House event in Lisbon from Nov 1 to Nov 3. We’ve once again been able to experience the strength and the commitment of all Solana builders and enthusiasts. We had the opportunity to network, contribute with our knowledge, and learn from others.

MonkeVentures Partnership

During the HH, our CEO and co-founder @AlexMigitko, together with @jemmmyjemm from @MonkeVentures, presented the custom platform our team has built for the Monkes’ investment syndicate.

MonkeVentures is an investment arm of @MonkeDAO that backs promising early-stage Web3 projects with the community-driven support of Solana Monkey Business NFT holders. team developed a custom platform to help them run their investment syndicate on-chain, in a more efficient and transparent manner.

Using technology, the Monkes will be able to raise funds, vote on proposals, and execute investment decisions on their very own platform, all on-chain!

This custom solution has been showcased at the main stage of the Solana Hacker House in Lisbon. If you want to know more about it, read our article.

StripDAO Event

A Hacker House wouldn’t be a Hacker House without a good party after a long working day. sponsored the @StripDAO event that took place on Nov 2. We had a lot of fun and a chance to discuss ideas with fellow builders and enthusiasts.

It’s great to see the community growing bigger and bigger every day!

Solana Breakpoint

After an amazing time at the Hacker House, our team attended the annual Solana Breakpoint — the biggest event there is in the ecosystem. We were able to be the first ones to hear the announcements about the Solana mobile phone, Web3 store, and partnership with Google. Apart from that, there were many great talks and presentations held by people from all over the world which only further proved the power of the Solana blockchain and its community.

Crypto Events in November 2022

Everyone is already well aware that centralized institutions and exchanges come with their downsides. Recently, we were able to witness a major exploitation of those drawbacks. has not been affected by the events and our mission and vision have not changed. Our funds are secured and the platform is safe for all users due to its non-custodial design, on-chain collective decision-making and comprehensive security audits.

With dApp you have access to self-custody with on-chain governance on top. We don’t hold any of your keys and we don’t store any other data. Decentralization is the way to go! — Twitter

Our business keeps operating as usual and we’re continuously making sure that the platform stays safe for all users.

Solana Journey

Even though the aforementioned events did cause a disruption in some parts of the crypto space, as we said, the month of November was dedicated to proving the strength of Solana and its community.

For that reason, together with many other companies, we have participated in the Solana Journey initiative and shared our story from the early beginnings. We explained why we chose to build our platform on top of the Solana blockchain and how we even came up with the idea.

We had to find someone who would be capable of building such a complex platform. Luckily, we partnered up with @urkes who became the CTO. Together, we had to decide on top of which blockchain to build the platform. There were many debates but no ecosystem stood out as much as @Solana did. — Twitter

Two years later, we’re still of the same opinion that no other ecosystem stands out more than Solana does. This is why we build and keep building on Solana, stronger than ever!

Check out’s Solana Journey on our Twitter.

Belgrade Venture Forum

On November 29th, our team visited the Belgrade Venture Forum, organized by the Serbian Venture Network.

It is a well-recognized pitching event for the SEE region that gathers startups, corporate leaders, policymakers, and investors in one place. The second day of the event was dedicated to the virtual revolution and web3 world.

Through various panels and presentations, we were able to learn more about and discuss diverse tech topics, such as cross-industry blockchain adoption, the potential of NFTs, investment opportunities during a bear market, and the implementation of innovative business models.

We’ve been able to gain some new insights and we believe that it’s events like this that make innovation happen! Devnet Environment

The Development network (Devnet) is a Solana testing environment for the general public to use. Users can test a platform or an app without paying fees or transaction costs.

As of November 2022, anyone interested in using platform can now access it from a Devnet environment. This allows all users the ability to test the app and its features, before creating an actual club.

We invite you to set up a test club, invite your community to join, and see how you can benefit from using our app. Once you’re ready, switch to Mainnet and start your web3 adventure!

Go check it out at!

Realms Hub has been featured on Realms Hub — a platform where you can find different projects building on Solana and learn more about them. It covers the whole ecosystem from DeFi, DAO tooling, and gaming projects, all the way to NFT collections and important news in the industry.

Users can follow projects they’re interested in and stay up-to-date with their news as well.

Make sure to check it out, discover everything going on in the Solana ecosystem, and take a look at’s page!

Twitter Space Calls

Investing with Frens, our weekly Twitter Space Call, is becoming more and more popular.

Over the past month, we’ve hosted four interesting ones with our frens from@nexa_network, @WoofSolana, and @synesis_one. We have also been guests in the Fireside DeFi Space Call from @NovaFinance_ .

Apart from gaining some in-depth knowledge about AI, Web3 communities, and multichain tokens, we’ve had quite a lot of fun discussing these topics with our frens and sharing our expertise on Defi and governance.

Here’s a quick overview of the chats:

Multichain Tokens | Investing with Frens | Nov 16 |Nexa Network |Listen

IDO platforms do have different sales on different chains, but what’s unique about our platform is that it’s decentralized, meaning that we never have any custody over the user funds or any project tokens and it’s also cross-chain, a user from BSC and a user from Solana can participate in the same exact token sale. — nexa_network

Creating a Web3 Community | Investing with Frens | Nov 9 | Woof Solana | Listen

To me dog coins and meme coins particularly are a friendly entry point for people who aren’t familiar with #Web3 or with #crypto and I myself, in real life, have met people that aren’t really too involved, but do hold some #dogecoin and do hold some #shibainu. — WoofSolana

Earning Crypto Using AI | Investing with Frens | Nov 2 | Synesis_one | Listen

People who are more proficient in English language are probably better at it, but even for people who are high-school/middle-school English level, they should be able to easily train our #AI — synesis_one

On-chain Governance |Fireside DeFi | Nov 24 | Nova Finance | Listen

We decided that this is going to be our secret sauce or something that we are going to specialize in. And we have created two new governance models. One of them, with the help of Sebastian Bor and Mango Markets — the NFT-based clubs model. And the other one, the role-based model that at that time didn’t exist anywhere else. —

Follow our Twitter account and join our Discord to stay up-to-date with all the chats we’re hosting!



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