Monthly Report January 2023
4 min readFeb 3, 2023


It is believed that the way you begin the year sets the tone for the rest of it. We are glad we can say that we have started this year off on the right foot. Our team sponsored and participated in the Solana Sandstorm Hackathon. We shared our knowledge with other members of the ecosystem and got chosen in the top 8 projects. Additionally, we have been supporting MonkeVentures in onboarding their members to the custom investment platform created for their syndicate. We also collaborated with xNFT Backpack and created a giveaway.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the details!

MonkeVentures Onboards the Custom Investment Platform offers a comprehensive and secure solution for investment syndicates seeking to improve their operations. Our company announced a partnership with Monke Ventures, the first NFT and investment DAO on the Solana blockchain, at the Solana Breakpoint Conference last year.

We have been working closely with Monke Ventures’ fund manager, Jeremy Lim, to create a tailored platform that meets the needs of their investment syndicate. In December 2022, our developers launched their private platform on Mainnet and Monke Ventures began the process of onboarding all MonkeDAO members to it. During the month of January, our team has focused on providing support to the Monkes during this process and developing additional tools to make the transition as smooth as possible.

To further assist with onboarding all members of the syndicate, we created a guide outlining the necessary steps.

Soon, Monke Ventures will be able to make their first collective investment using the custom platform our team developed for them. We are excited to see the Monkes fully utilize the potential of web3 and blockchain technology.

Working with has brought us a huge step closer towards molding a truly Web3.0-focused investment syndicate that capitalizes on the value proposition of a community. The team has also worked with us closely to model after existing in-house processes to reduce the level of disruption it may bring to users and increase the level of efficiency. This collaboration will see us eliminate the use of conventional forms filling and manual funds transfer, allowing a safer operating environment for all our stakeholders. — Jeremy Lim is supporting all founders and investors with on-chain governance for their operations. Get in touch with our team to discover the power of web3.

Participating in and Sponsoring the Solana Sandstorm Hackathon

The Solana Sandstorm Hackathon, organized by Lamport DAO and Helius Labs, was a two-week online event that provided an opportunity for developers and builders to compete for $217K in prizes by participating in over 40 tracks. and MonkeDAO sponsored the Governance track and hosted a workshop on the topic of DAOs and governance in the Solana ecosystem, led by Alex Migitko, CEO and co-founder of and Jeremy Lim, fund manager of MonkeDAO. The workshop covered the current state of DAOs, the challenges they face, the infrastructure required for their growth, and the pros and cons of decentralization in general.

Our team participated in the competition, submitting individual and collective contributions to the ecosystem. The UDM software got chosen among the top 8 projects submitted in the Student Track. We congratulate our team for this recognition and are soon going to reveal more information about this tool.

Hackathons like Solana Sandstorm provide a valuable opportunity for learning, skill development, and networking for all participants, regardless of their experience. We believe that hackathons are crucial for the growth of the ecosystem and the adoption of web3 technology, and we are proud to be able to support such initiatives.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the Hackathon! To find more information, click here. x Backpack xNFT Collaboration Giveaway

Backpack is an xNFT operating system that enables web3 users to access all their crypto-based assets, applications, and blockchains within one interface. and the Backpack team have been engaged in a productive collaboration and have decided to host a giveaway, providing an opportunity for individuals to win a whitelisting access code to the WAO List. The giveaway finished on Friday, January 20 and 5 lucky winners have received their access codes. Congratulations!

We are looking forward to seeing an increasing number of projects adopting these cutting-edge technologies and propelling the growth of the ecosystem.

To find more information about the xNFT Backpack software, click here.



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