Monthly Report February 2023
4 min readMar 10, 2023

-- Monthly Report February 2023

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February might have flown by, but we have been thinking long-term during the shortest month of the year. And boy, do we have some BIG things coming up! The team is thrilled to present you with Unique Delegation Manager (UDM), a game-changing protocol that takes Web3 safety and user experience to a whole new level. Also, we’ve integrated the SolanaFM block explorer onto our platform.

But that’s not all folks. Read on!

Fight the bear with Grizzlython

This is a good occasion to remind our community that Grizzlyton registrations are open by March 14. If you’re building an exciting web3 project, this may be your opportunity to shine! There are seven categories for this online hackathon — namely Mobile, DeFi, Payments, Tools & Infrastructure, Gaming, and DAOs & Network States.

Besides a total prize pool of $5 million and a grand champion prize of $50K in USDC, the most promising projects will have a chance to pitch their project to leading investors of the Solana ecosystem. In other words, the competitors can bring their business idea into reality in just six weeks. So, don’t be a bear, visit the official Grizzlython page on the Solana’s website and grab this opportunity by the horns!

Unique Delegation Manager: Empower Users. Delegate Access.

Having in mind the significance of self-custody in the web3 space, team has developed a solution that both improves user journey when using dApps and provides the impenetrable layer of security.

So, what exactly is Unique Delegation Manager (UDM)? Let’s say you’d like to access a dApp, but hesitate to connect your wallet since there’s always a slight chance of your assets being compromised. The UDM provides a safety barrier between your assets and the dApp by allowing you to create a master-delegate relationship between your main and delegate wallets.

How does that work in practice? Imagine a circumstance where you have passed a KYC verification on a platform, have been whitelisted, or require NTFs or tokens to access the dApp. Instead of connecting your main wallet, a delegate wallet you’ve chosen verifies the possession of all these assets without asset being transferred. Handy, right? Safe as well!

Unique Delegation Manager Visualization

The best of all is that there’s no need for using private keys, seed phrases or transferring assets each time you access the platform. All your wallets are being managed and represented through a single interface.

We’ve already mentioned that this protocol is open-source. encourages all Web3 Solana platforms to integrate and adapt this solution to their specific use cases, and enhance the experience and trust of their users. The UDM’s main components are a Solana-based program and SDKs allowing developers to easily integrate it into smart contracts.

Let’s summarize important characteristics and benefits of UDM:

  • Licensed under the AGPL-v3.0 license
  • Audited by Sec3, meaning that UDM toolset is safe to implemented
  • Comes with a user-friendly front end, and CLI for advanced users
  • Ensures maximum safety off assets while speeding up actions on the platform

Visit UDM Github for integration instructions, learn more about UDM in a separate article, or watch a detailed walkthrough video.

Introducing SolanaFM to App

SolanaFM integration

Besides Solscan and Solana Explorer, users now have the ability to track their transactions even more easily, thanks to our newly-established partnership with SolanaFM.

SolanaFM is now our default block explorer, which means that you can access your data and get insights from the most user-friendly solution built on Solana.

Check it out on our platform!

Something BIG is on the way

And last but not least — we’re glad to inform you that we are working hard these days to bring even more innovations to our platform.

We can’t reveal too much right now, but stay tuned! is fully committed to bringing a plethora of opportunities for Web3 investing and fundraising, completely on-chain!

In the meantime, follow our Twitter account and join our Discord to keep up with all the things Unique!



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