Introducing UNQ Universe NFTs: A Blend of Physics and Non-Fungibility

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts and are quickly becoming popular. From Bored Apes to Cryptopunks, the boom is taking NFTs to a whole new dimension. According to DappRadar, the total value of NFTs sold has increased by more than eightfold in the third quarter of 2021, reaching $10.7 billion.

All artists and collectors are now going online, ditching the traditional way of selling art and collectables. Analysing the trend, we’ve discovered that if we don’t have an NFT, it’s tough to pique the collector’s interest. As a solution, we developed a new concept for UNQ Club dubbed the UNQ Universe NFTs.

UNQ Universe is a collection of 10000 evolving NFTs. We are giving life to NFTs by not only making them fascinating and distinctive but also providing them with significant secondary market potential and greater utility.

Example Rare Universe
Example Legendary Universe

UNQ Universe: Taking NFTs Beyond Imagination

We at UNQ Club are aiming to take NFTs to the next level with our UNQ Universe. With UNQ Universe, we are launching a collection of 10000 evolving NFTs. These evolving NFTs are based on Wolfram Physics, which is one of the universal principles also known as the “Theory of Everything.”

Since it explains every rule of the cosmos, this theory is applied to our Universe NFTs. It will be straightforward, beautiful but would be bound by “rules.” With the aid of this hypothesis, we aim to build NFTs into something beautiful and distinct throughout time. This evolution (of the NFTs) will be dependent on the theory’s underlying rules.

An example of how a single rule will evolve is shown in the diagram below:

Universe NFTs: How to be a part of it?

To begin, to be a part of the UNQ Universe, you must first mint an NFT. When you mint an NFT, you just receive the rule, which is equivalent to receiving a dot on the canvas. After receiving the rule, it starts to evolve either through time (once every epoch on Solana, which is approximately 48 hours) or on every trade at a price higher than the previous one, and hence the secondary market is benefited.

There will be fees for every secondary market trade, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the initiative, charities working on education programs, and, eventually, the community.

Furthermore, the UNQ Universe functions on a set of rules (total of 50) and rarity levels. There will be more sets of rules fairly soon, and as a result, even the identical rule-based NFTs will not look the same. This would be applicable for the 2D and 3D versions that are sufficiently evolved.

As a result of the process, Universe strives to generate progressive art. Similarly, You may make any level the primary image of your NFT, whereas other users will only see the current stage and evolution level.

UNQ Universe: Towards a Fair Launch

We are making sure that the minting will be fair and accessible to everybody, with the launch slated for mid-November. The minting process is very easy and will require you to have connected your wallet to our website. We will verify wallet balances at each epoch and issue Neutrino for different tokens.

The table indicates the amount of Neutrino/token issued for each partner token.

Partner token — Neutrino per token

Solana (SOL) — 1000

Solrise Finance(SLRS) — 58

Great Ape($GRAPE) — 10

Solanium(SLIM) — 171

Bonfida(FIDA) — 600

Raydium(RAY) — 380

Serum(SRM) — 285

Neutrino is essentially a tradable token. The more Neutrino you have, the more chances to get the Dark Matter, but only one per address. Dark Matter refers to tradable tokens, of which there are 10,000 in total. Once we are ready — we will open the mint. For the first 48 hours you can use the Dark Matter and some SOL to mint the actual UNQ Universe NFT. One address can mint up to 5 NFTs. After that, anyone will be able to mint without using Dark Matter, but SOL cost will be higher.

Universe NFTs: Providing the best utilities within the ecosystem

We are not confining minting UNQ Universe NFTs, but we are also offering improved utility for these tokens within the UNQ Ecosystem.

Here are a few utilities UNQ Universe NFTs come with:

  • Airdrop of additional editions;
  • Several whitelist IDO slots will be assigned to NFT holders;
  • Collaborations with other projects as well as artists using the evolution mechanism;
  • You have complete ownership of the NFT’s contents and may use it as you see fit;
  • Holding an NFT allows you to get access to select channels in Discord;
  • Additional usage within platform (Universe NFT will be required to open a public club)
  • Additional usage within UNQ World game
  • Gives a chance to obtain additional Perks:(Value varies depending on the rarity level)
  • 10% more evolution per epoch
  • 5% discount on evolution per sale
  • Background per evolution
  • A chance to get more backgrounds, colors, and nodes with each evolution

UNQ Club: Why are we just more than unique?

Our goal at UNQ Club is to give collectors and investors the tools to power the NFT space. With the introduction of UNQ Universe NFTs, we want to push NFTs beyond imagination and finally provide them with the Utility they deserve. Furthermore, by combining physics with the UNQ Universe, we hope to make NFTs a part of our everyday lives.

Follow us on Twitter and Discord to stay tuned for the UNQ Universe NFT release.

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