Bi-weekly Report June 27th — July 10th

Another intensive two weeks are behind us! Last week we participated at the Belgrade Hacker House and there’s a lot of news!

Here’s a quick recap of all the activities:

  • AMA with CryptoDiffer
  • Participated at the Belgrade Hacker House
  • Showcased the NFT based clubs at the Demo Day
  • Twitter Space Call — Building Web3

Read on to find out more!

AMA with CryptoDiffer

We want to make sure that the Web3 users know about Our CPO and Co-founder Alex Migitko is therefore attending a lot of AMAs and answering all the questions about our product. Each session is fun and new questions pop up that Alex is happy to answer.

There was a reward pool of $1000 in UNQ Tokens for the best questions. Make sure not to miss the next opportunity!

The greates barrier in the creation of an efficient and successful DAO is the governance fatigue — basically people getting tired of participating in any type of voting which results in DAOs being unable to operate at all. To help resolve that, we introduced role system where people actively participating in governance can have greater voting power. We also developed a separated trading configuration so that operational actions like sniping an NFT can be done with a lower approval quorum. — Alex Migitko

Join CryptoDiffer’s Telegram to find all the answers.

Belgrade Hacker House

From July 2nd to July 6th, our team participated at the Belgrade Hacker House organized by Solana.

We’ve had a great time and met a lot of builders from the Solana ecosystem. We’ve learned a lot thanks to other teams’ presentations and workshops and also had a chance to chat with core Solana team about the further development of our product.

We also gave our contribution to the event and took part in some events. Let’s go over them!

Governance and DAO workshop

Our CTO Uroš and Alex, our CPO, held a workshop on DAO’s Governance on the second day of the Hacker House.

One of the main issues DAOs face today is defining their structure and making sure the management of operations goes smoothly and efficiently. ‘Quorum not reached’ is probably one of the most common sentences that can be seen in a DAO and that slows down the activity quite significantly.

For that reason, platform allows for a much greater flexibility. The founder can set a lower approval quorum that needs to be reached in order for a proposal to pass. It can be configured for lower price ranges so that the majority does not mind if they do not participate in the voting.

Podcast with SolCityRadio

On the third day, we met Patrick from The Rise Before Grind Show. He’s running a Twitter Spaces podcast every week and presents a lot of cool ideas and projects from the Web3 world.

Alex had a chance to talk about our platform and answer the questions from the community. We’re happy for this opportunity and are looking forward to some more collabs.

NFT Panel

Day three was quite interesting and we participated at another presentation at the Hacker House. Alex, together with speakers from @SolSeaNFT, @exchgART, @FRAKT_HQ discussed the current state on the NFT market and some future trends.

It was interesting to hear different perspectives on this topic and we can’t wait to see the future development of the NFTs’ market.

Demo Day

The last day of every Hacker House is reserved for a public demonstration of the progress the teams made during the Hacker House on their product.

Milica and Goran, from our Dev team, presented our latest developed feature — the NFT based clubs. allows people to group into a club based on a chosen NFT collection. Each member who wishes to vote on the trading proposals has to own an NFT from the collection, and is attributed voting rights based on the amount of NFTs he or she posseses.

During the live presentation, we opened a club based on the Universe NFT collection, claimed our voting rights by connecting an NFT in our possesion and created a proposal to sell a chosen NFT. We casted the vote on-chain and the proposal was succesfully approved and executed.

This feature will be available for testing in the Mainnet version of our platform that we plan to launch very soon!

In case you want to check out the presentation, you can find it at Solana’s Youtube channel.

Twitter Space Call — Building Web3

On Saturday, July 7th, Alex participated in a Twitter Space Call organized by @sollarprotocol & @meanfinance.

The topic they discussed was Building Web3. In case you’ve missed it, you can check it out on your Youtube channel. Platform Update

Our platform has been available for testing in DevNet mode for over a month now. Witihin this month, we’ve received more than 160 feedback forms and more than 200 clubs were created.

90% of the users are likely to recommend the platform to others. They find the platform clean and professional, intuitive to use and quite innovative.

Our Discord community also grew for additonal 15% and we gained some new followers on our social media.

Stay tuned because with plan to go Mainnet very soon with some additional features included!



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