Bi-weekly Report June 13th — June 26th

Another intensive two weeks are behind us! Our team is growing and working non-stop to ensure we meet our goals and deliver the platform to the community as planned.

Here’s a quick recap of all the activities:

  • Participated at the Barcelona Hacker House
  • New featured developed — NFT clubs and voting
  • Gave out 500 USDC for the Feedback Bouty Program — received 100+ feedback
  • AMA with Crypto Dep — Telegram

Read on to find out more!

Barcelona Hacker House

Barcelona Hacker House was held from June 22nd to June 26th in Barcelona, Spain. Our team participated at the event and had a chance to discuss the development of Solana ecosystem and the projects built on top of it.

The team has also worked further on platfrom and managed to develop some quite interesting features.

Development Report

As we are approaching the Mainnet launch of the platform, our Development team is working hard on programming all the new features we plan offer on our platform. The team is also focusing on implementing the feedback received from the Bounty Program and fixing the reported bugs.

Out of the new features, the team has developed the NFT based club governance and is testing it before implementing it on the Public Beta. The NFT voting feature has also been programmed and we can’t wait to let you test it out.

Stay tuned because our Dev and Product team are unstoppable and have a lot prepared for you!

Bounty Program launched the Public Beta of the platform on June 9th and had created a Bounty Program with the goal to incentivize the users to leave their feedback. We had received more than 100 assesments from our community and announced the winners last Friday on our Discord channel with a reward of 500 USDC for the best feedback. It was difficult to pick the winners because all the evaluations were of a high quality.

Here’s a short summary of it:

  • 80% of respondents rated the features and functionalities 8 or above out of 10
  • 85% of respondents rated the interface experience and UI/UX 8 or above out of 10
  • 85% of respondents are likely to use the platform once it goes live on mainnet
  • 90% of respondents are likely to recommend the platform to others

It’s a powerful tool that will create strong communities. Intuitive to use, easy to understand.”
“This is something new, a really awesome breakthrough!”

In case you haven’t already, you can check out our platform at and test it yourself.

AMA with Crypto Dep

Alex Migitko, our Co-founder and CPO, participated in an AMA session with Crypto Dep on June 16th. He spoke about platform and its features. allows for very flexible governance structures, since we believe that one size doesn’t fit all. So you can base the governance rights on roles, deposits, NFT collection, or a combination of those. It is up to our users to decide what kind of a structure fits their needs best.

The participants were able to win 300 USDT in total for the best questions for Alex — so join the next AMA we’ll be participating at and get a chance to learn more about and win some money.

In case you’ve missed this one, check it out at Crypto Dep’s Telegram.

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