Bi-weekly Report July 11th — July 24th

Here comes another round of news about platform. Our team is working non-stop to ensure we launch the product as planned.

Here’s a quick recap of all the activities:

· Twitter Space Call — Web 3.0 Thinkers Meet Up 2.0

· Refreshed Logo

· Integrating Public Beta summary

· Hosting the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon

· New features developed for — staking & withdrawing funds

Read on to find out more!

Twitter Space Call

Web3 world is evolving at a high rate and it’s difficult to keep up with it. On July 14th, Alex Migitko, our CPO and CEO, participated in a Twitter Space Call with @arpc_nft and discussed the new products emerging in Web3 world.

He spoke about the use cases of platform and shared some interesting info.

Each group of people that comes together with the goal to invest, in NFTs for example, will have a specific way in which they want to run the governance of the club, its treasury and discussions. Also, different types of collections have different types of needs and we want to be able to accommodate everyone. Groups must be able to optimize their club and make it work exactly how they want.

In case you’ve missed the Call, you can find it at Animal Reckless Party Club.

Unique Venture Clubs Logo

We’re getting close to the official launch and want to make sure every aspect of the platform and our social media is fresh and original just like the idea behind our project.

For that reason, we have done minor changes to our logo and have refreshed the UX and UI of the platform.

Let us know your opinions on it!

Public Beta Summary

Over a month ago, platform went live in DevNet mode. Ever since, the team has been working on implementing the feedback received and developing new features for Mainnet launch. There were more than 200 clubs created and more than 170 feedback forms received.

Here’s a quick summary of the feedback left by our users:

· This is something new, a really awesome breakthrough.

· This will be a platform that will be crowded with the NFT community because this platform is very different from the others and users can create their own communities within it. It’s really beyond thought that creating a platform like this will allow other NFT projects to develop.

· Of all the things I’ve been working on on the testnet, whether looking for prizes or hunting for bugs, this is the first time I’ve experienced a good website UI for create something like groups. Even the UI for the group profile itself is very satisfying.

90% of the users are likely to recommend the platform to others and we cannot wait for the official launch to allow you to test all the features!

Solana Summer Camp Hackathon

After a great time at Solana Hacker House Belgrade, there’s some more Solana activities happening in Belgrade, Serbia., together with Solrise, Solflare, All-art, Solsea and Streamflow, is hosting the Summer Camp Hackathon in Belgrade from July 11th to August 16th.

Solana Hackathon is an online event where builders turn ideas into big web3 projects. Participants have a chance to win $5 million in global prizes & seed funding. By attending this event in-person, developers are able to reap the full benefit of the Hackathon experience.

What can you expect?

· Plenty of time to work on your project, network, find team members for your idea, or join an existing team and be able to fight for the pool of $5m prizes.

· ​Educational workshops to improve your understanding on Solana (technical and non-technical), coaching by expert panel, as well as mentorship from partners.

· ​A venue with good Wifi, power and workstations, plus all-day snacks and refreshments.

Check out the prizes at Solana Summer Camp Webpage and start building!

New Features Available on

The DevNet mode of the platform served mostly to test out the user experience and get feedback on the idea behind our project. Some of the features planned had not been developed yet for that purpose, but are being included for the Mainnet launch. is always looking for unique features to be developed in order to bring innovation to the market. One of the killer features of our platform is its integration with the SPL Governance on Solana blockchain.


In order to invest as a group and make collective decisions, each club starts its activity with a fundraise. The club founder initiates this process and sets the cap for it. All funds raised are allocated and secured on Solana blockchain.

For the purpose of profit distribution, funds need to be withdrawn from the chain and our team has worked on programming that feature. By being built on top of Solana ecosystem, the costs of this transaction are not high.

In order to withdraw funds from the blockchain, the club founder creates a proposal and distributes the funds from the treasury to club members with financial rights. During the club creation process, in the voting configuration step, the club founder will need to set up the voting rules for withdrawal proposals.


Staking represents the process where club members will be able to put UNQ tokens or UNQ Universe NFTs in the club’s staking account(s). By staking, club members can receive rewards at the end of the staking period.

Staking accounts can only be opened by the club founder once the fundraising phase is completed. The number of staking accounts that can be opened within a club depends on the number of members within the club. Club members are rewarded for keeping the staking account locked. All club members can deposit UNQ tokens into the club’s staking accounts. Rewards are based on the amount of time that the tokens have been staked.

An additional way of getting rewarded on top of the 20% from UNQ tokens is by staking Level 1001 of UNQ Universe NFTs. NFT staking rewards are rewards added on top of the UNQ token staking rewards. This means that UNQ Universe NFT staking accounts cannot exist without UNQ token staking accounts.

At the end, users can request to unstake their assets. When unstaking is requested, staked funds are returned proportionally to club members’ contributions. It takes 21 days to claim staking rewards.

Our development team has successfully integrated the staking feature for the mainnet version of our platform that is to be launched soon.

Stay tuned!



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