Bi-weekly Report August 8th — August 21st

Here’s a quick overview:

  • We had an AMA with Chainboost
  • Academy has been launched
  • We have partnered with Waggle Network
  • Alex participated in the IVC’s Podcast
  • has been listed on DeepDAO

Let’s go into the details!

AMA with Chainboost

On August 9th, had a Discord AMA session with Chainboost. The topic of the AMA was Post-IDO developments, token utilities, and much more.

Alex Migitko, our CEO and CPO answered the questions from the community about our platform and UNQ Token. Here’s some of the ideas Alex shared:

The project is trying to bring the organization and framework of asset management on-chain, which is required for decentralized finance and for the decentralized management of assets with monetary value.

A connection between traditional and web3 investment systems was also discussed:

Traditional financial management is a nuanced endeavor requiring great care to bring on-chain. Communicating and making the process accessible to users is also a substantial undertaking.

Join Chainboost Discord to find out more. Academy is bringing innovation to the market. There is no other platform that offers all the club’s activities to take place on-chain and make use of the predesigned governance models, roles, and various integrations within the platform.

For that reason, it is important to educate our users on how they can make the most out of the platform and customize it to their needs. We have therefore created a place within our website with step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and industry-related articles.

For now, there are three video tutorials and three step-by-step guides available on the Academy. Find them at

You can also get access to the best tips & tricks in the DAO world by subscribing to our newsletter and downloading the DAO Handbook we have prepared for you. We cover the topics from opening a wallet, to setting up Discord channels and building your community. Don’t miss a chance to learn more about that!

Waggle Partnership has partnered with Waggle Network.

Waggle is a decentralized marketplace that enables retail investors to diversify their investments into the primary market. With strong deal flows and strict due diligence procedure, Waggle seeks to provide retail investors curated opportunities to purchase vested tokens previously inaccessible to them. Read more about the partnership in the article.

IVC Podcast

Alex Migitko has recently been a guest in the podcast series run by Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) — The Main Chain! The podcast series features conversations with individuals from innovative projects in the GameFi, DeFi, Web3 and overall blockchain space. Listen to the podcast to learn more about how Unique Venture Clubs first came to be.

Here’s some of the thoughts he shared with the audience:

Solana has recognized the need for DAOs on this chain so they have built the SPL Governance that is using as well. The flexibility and the power of Solana gives an opportunity to build amazing things for any type of organization.

We are trying to bring everything on-chain — all the proposals, all the decision-making, the treasury management, and all the transactions following the proposals. It is all interconnected and is a complete piece of tech and the platform in there.

DeepDAO Listing

DeepDAO is a comprehensive data analytics and information gathering site for DAOs. You can find information on the total treasury worth within DAOs, the number of organizations, proposal & voter makers and much more.

DeepDAO offers a list of DAO tools and we are proud to be listed on their website as a platform that facilitates the management of investment and digital assets.



Unique Venture Clubs is the ultimate partner for every stage of your venture. Explore a web3 native way to raise, invest and govern assets with our help.

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Unique Venture Clubs

Unique Venture Clubs is the ultimate partner for every stage of your venture. Explore a web3 native way to raise, invest and govern assets with our help.