Announcing our Collaborations and Partnerships at UNQ CLUB

We are excited to announce that we have raised $3 million in private funding from SkyVision Capital, NGC,Moonrock Capital, TPS Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Solana Ventures, WalshWealth Ventures,,MEXC, Chain Capital, Titans Ventures, Basics Capital, ZBS, Solar Eco Fund, Kernel Ventures, Jump Capital, GSR, Solanium Ventures, Chainguardians, AU21, Everse Capital, CryptoJ, Big Brain Holdings, Banter Capital, R2 Capital, Bitcoin Guru, Capital S, Kirin Fund, DWeb3 Capital, Moonedge, Waterdrip, FBG, Skynet, Sesterce Capital as well as several Angel investors and influencers.

UNQ Club is a platform for NFT collectors designed to help them build communities, improve liquidity, and gain exposure to NFTs and other digital assets across multiple protocols using a single interface.

UNQ Club is built on top of Solana network, and the team is one of the winners of Solana Season Hackathon.

We, at UNQ Club, build clubs (DAOs) with our strong community, unique social token, treasury, and vault that help NFT collectors in raising funds through our community from stacking via DeFi protocol integration and direct crowdfunding to legal organizations that acquire and tokenize physical items. Moreover, we also support buying and selling of NFTs across multiple blockchain protocols with a single easy-to-use interface. We believe that the ownership-focused DAOs can pave the way to the future of digital assets, and are excited to collaborate on this with partners from across the ecosystem.

By this point, UNQ team has launched its own NFT collection, Universe, which was inspired by Wolfram Physics, and is the first evolving NFT collection.

Example UNQ Universe at level 1, level 20, level 100, level 500, and level 1001

Our core team at UNQ Club consists of Alex Migitko, Uros Sosevic, and Martin Kardzhilov, all of whom are seasoned crypto entrepreneurs with backgrounds in some of the most renowned companies in the world.

Our collaboration with these investors gives UNQ Club access to their vast experience in the NFT and DeFi space, as well as their connections with other blockchain ecosystem partners and strategic ties with Crypto thought leaders, all of which benefit our community.

The UNQ team is currently preparing to launch a private beta with a number of partners from various areas of the NFT space. You can have a sneak peek at how we envision clubs.

We assure you that as we develop, our growing community remains connected to our expanding network of partners who have joined us in our effort to transform the NFT and DeFi industries.




Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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Unique Venture Clubs

Unique Venture Clubs

Share capital and work with others to purchase and manage digital assets in a trustless way.

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